15+ brilliant ideas for using your wall tapestry

Wall tapestry is unique from other types of patterned weaving because the weft threads are not taken through the whole width of fabric. Every different pattern unit is woven using a thread of the needed colour. Tapestry fabric has a specific thickness. Tapestries are historically large, woven, a textile that elaborates the design. The tapestries are statement pieces for walls or decor. They are an excellent addition to wall decor or any space. This wall art is a simple way to depict the sequence of emotions. This idea to decorate the homes with the help of hanging tapestry is now very much a trend. It is the most inexpensive yet trendy way to create upbeat wall decor. This kind of meaningful and beautiful artwork will become a favourite and surely form a part of your home decor. There are different ideas and usage of tapestry as a wall hanging, bedspread, or a curtain. Let’s see them in this article.

  1. Chair cover or pads

Who doesn’t want to sit on a designer and colorful spread for them the covered tapestry on a cushion of chair or cover can be used. This will give a pleasurable sitting experience to you for your family members, guests, and every person by using wall tapestry with unique texture and colors as chair pads. Sometimes when you will get the board out of your tapestry design you can change them at any time. This is the best way to give that ultimate bohemian look to your furniture.

  1. Ceiling tapestry

To hang the tapestry to your ceiling in the bedroom can hide the unpleasing spots and put an extra attraction to your room. Hang any color of your choice which suits your personality. The huge size tapestry will add attractiveness to the ambiance of a room.

  1. Headboard

Nowadays the headboard has more importance in bedroom decor. You can change the position of your wall hanging. If you want to give that extra look to your headboard then cover it with the tapestry. This will add incredible uniqueness to your bedroom.

  1. Decorative pillows

You will always need an attractive pillow for your room. They will completely change the look of the decor and interior of the room. If you are a DIY lover then believe me tapestry is a great fabric to do experiments.

  1. Picnic Sheets

The printed tapestries are soft and made up of cotton. There are very much user-friendly. This chic and light tapestry design is a very comfortable picnic sheet available in a traditional and modern pattern and vibrant colors.

  1. Wallpaper

You can also use this chic tapestry design as giant wall decor by putting wallpaper. This is the cheapest way to decor your interiors.

  1. Round Beach Blanket

If you are planning to go for the exciting outdoor life on your favorite beach then don’t forget to pack tapestry in your bags to lay on the beach, drape around your body for sun protection.

  1. Beach Throw

The very much easy to carry tapestry design can be your most convenient beach blanket. The tapestry with mandala, elephant, psychedelic, trippy, modern, contemporary designs is the best to do a beach photoshoot.

  1. Round wall hangings

If it’s getting monotonous for you of your fabric wall hanging specially mandala tapestry then it an easy work to make it in round shape. When there is an art of circle in hanging decorative piece you can easily cut and hem it to make a circular wall hanging.

  1. Curtains


Curtains with a great mandala tapestry design will give you a relaxed feel and some kind of privacy in your room. You can style your old hanging as curtains that are trendy and are sure to surprise your guest.

  1. Floor Puffs and cushions

Mandala tapestry is undoubtedly the excellent styling option to use for the cushion you sit on or floor poufs. You can easily make big floor cushions or beds for your pet as well.

  1. Sofa covers

Give a rebirth to your old-fashioned sofa by covering it with an elegant wall tapestry. The sofa is quite an expensive item and can not be replaced very soon. So, this is a great idea to makeover.

  1. Furniture cover

You can convert your traditional furniture into exclusive ones by putting on marvelous tapestry designs.

  1. Outdoor or bed tent

This extremely light and soft wall tapestry is highly recommended when you want to go for a picnic and holidays outside.

  1. Yoga mat

This extremely light and soft wall tapestry is highly recommended for picnics and holidays outside.

  1. Dining Table Spread

You can give your dining room a festive look by spreading a tapestry on the dining table.

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