4 Virtual Event Ideas To Keep Your Attendees Engaged

In virtual events, keeping the audience hooked is a big concern. If you are on an idea hunt to keep your attendees engaged in the upcoming virtual events, you landed in the perfect place.

After COVID-19 had shaken up everything and everyone in the world, people were eager to interact and communicate. The event organizers tried to make people familiar with the concept of virtual events. The tech-savvy people found this idea engaging, but still, the organizers have to struggle to keep all attendees engaged in the virtual events.

The blog presents four ideas you can implement to enhance attendees’ engagement in virtual events. These ideas will help your audience interact better and will boost engagement.

Keeping Your Attendees Engaged In Virtual Events- 4 Ideas

1. Polls and Q&A

These are worth keeping in between the sessions to engage your audience during the virtual event. Keep the polls before the sessions to know your audience’s interests better. You can give them two options to poll, and you can keep the session according to what they choose.

Live polling also effectively enhances the engagement of attendees. You can consistently get feedback from them to maintain their interest in the event.

Apart from polling, you can also organize Q&A and let your audience interact with the virtual event speakers. Polls allow you to know the audience better. Q&A helps to keep them connected with the speakers and with each other. With boosting engagement, both polls and Q&A helps to enhance the knowledge base of attendees.

2. Social Wall

You can aggregate UGC from different social media platforms and display it on a free social wall in your virtual events. If you are new to the concept of a social wall, it is an aggregation of UGC that allows you to keep the audience engaged in virtual events. Social walls give you other benefits as well.

You can aggregate UGC on a social wall by using keywords, hashtags, mentions, profiles, and more. Multiple tools are available to create your social wall and display it at events. To name a few, Taggbox, Flocker, Juicer are available. In virtual events, your attendees can interact with each other on a social wall.

People love creating content, and if you share their content, nothing would be better than that to make your virtual event exciting. The social wall allows you to spotlight your attendees by showing their posts from different social media platforms. It does not only help to engage them but also makes them feel valued.

3. Creative Activities And Games

In virtual events, be creative as much as you can. An activity you organize between the virtual event needs to be creative to make it interactive and engaging for the audience. There are many ways you can organize creative activities.

To make the sessions more engaging, you can chat live with the audience. Give them a chance to discuss things with other attendees. Contests are also a great way to show your creativity. You can organize small contests at exciting prices.

Other than these activities, to boost engagement, you can also keep games to make attendees comfortable and interact with each other. You can organize ice-breaking games at the beginning of a virtual event. As a part of the game, you can ask random attendees to showcase their specialty and cheer them up. It will inspire other attendees too to participate.

4. Networking Opportunities

Unlike face-to-face physical events, networking is not easy in virtual events. Providing good networking opportunities to the attendees can help them be engaged.

When the attendees get a chance to interact with like-minded people, their interest in the virtual event will level up. You can use different platforms, applications, or anything else to build a network among your attendees. You can club people with common interests.

You can also group the attendees randomly. Organize a happy hour session after the event. It will help attendees to build and maintain a network. It will allow them to connect better, share their event goals, etc. Contests are also a great way to show your creativity. You can organize small contests at exciting prices.

Wrap up

Congratulations! Now, you would not have to struggle anymore to have the attention of attendees in your virtual events. After reaching this point, you know the ideas to keep the audience engaged throughout and after the virtual event.

In today’s era, there is fierce competition in everything. Everyone wants to bet better than others. Virtual event organizers use tricks and tips to attract the audience to their event and keep them hooked. Ensure you implement the ideas correctly to connect the attendees with your virtual event. Contests are also a great way to show your creativity. You can organize small contests at exciting prices.

You can go with any of the above-listed ideas to spice up your virtual event. The four virtual event ideas to keep your attendees engaged would be enough to make you see positive changes in your upcoming events!

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