Best Ways of Displaying Social Wall on a Digital Signage in School

Do you want to make your digital signage more interactive and grow out of the same cycle of sharing boring information? Then one of the best things you can do is create social walls for your digital signage. Social media content is loved by all. So you use its high-engaging power for your school’s digital signage.

Make the best use of digital signage by showing relevant and impactful social media content. In this article, we have discussed the best ways in which you can create an innovative social wall for your school’s digital signage.

Innovative Ideas to Make Your School Digital Signage Engaging and Useful with Social Walls

1. Share Live Event Updates

Events and competitions are a regular occasion in schools (be it festival celebration events, inter-school or intra-school competitions). But making them vibrant is not so easy.

Want to hear more cheers at your school’s next competition or event? Show live social feeds to get your audience and participants excited! Seeing themselves live on the digital signage and in the spotlight will heighten the excitement level of the participants and the audience.

People love covering the event they are attending and sharing their pictures on social media. You can aggregate these live event feeds and share them on your social wall.

2. Promote Volunteering Activities

If your school actively conducts volunteering activities, then you can get active participation from the students and even their parents. Collect pictures of your past social activities and share them on your social wall.

If your teachers, students, or staff members have shared their participation pictures in the volunteering activities on social media, then collect and share them on your social wall. It will make them feel special and inspire others to join the volunteering activities and campaigns.

3. Display your School’s Social Media Content

Repurpose your social media content and directly share them on your digital signage screen as well. This is one of the easiest hacks if you don’t want to take the trouble of planning and creating new content for your digital signage regularly. It will also bring more traffic and visibility to your social media accounts.

4. Spread Awareness about Social Causes

Many social causes are celebrated across the world on special days to spread awareness about the world’s major problems. For this, a lot of content is shared on social media as well to reach maximum people and engage them with noble causes.

You can aggregate this social media content and share it on your digital signage to educate your students and staff about important world problems like International Women’s Day, World Wildlife Day, International Literacy Day, etc.

5. Create a Social Wall about your Alumni Students

Attending school is one of the most memorable times in people’s life. After graduating, they relive the moments with throwback pictures shared on social media. You can aggregate these pictures and memories of your alumni students from social media and create a social wall for your digital signage.

Another idea is to create a social wall of the success stories of your alumni students. Connect with your alumni students and collect their social media posts sharing their professional achievements. You can also reach out to your alumni students and ask them to share some messages for your new students.

6. Celebrate Moments of Achievements

Create a social wall of your talented students’ achievements. When you have many talented students in your school who participate and win competitions and bring accolades to your school name, you will never lack in content.

Arrange the prize distribution photos of the students on a creative social wall. Parents and students also love to share these moments of pride and joy on social media. You can collect their posts as well and share them on your social wall.

7. Share Knowledgeable Social Media Content

The learning of your students doesn’t have to be limited to textbooks. With knowledge sharing social media content on your digital signage, you can promote learning at your school.

For example, you show content from social media pages that share

  • your city’s news,
  • national/international news in an interesting way,
  • interesting facts/information in any niche,
  • shares career guidance, etc.

8. Share Motivational Posts

It’s another unconventional social wall idea for your digital signage, but the impact it will bring on your students and staff will be great. There are amazing social media pages that share motivational content. You can find suitable ones and aggregate their content for your social wall.

Many motivational speakers share content on social media, and even if you cannot invite them to your school, their content on your digital signage can be used to inspire your students and staff.

Use one of these ideas for inspiration and successfully create a social wall for your digital signage.

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