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This year, Taurus season spans April 20, 2023, to May 21, 2023, inspiring a laid-back period perfect for slowing down and simply enjoying life. Taurus season is all about appreciating beauty and enjoying the sensual pleasures the world has to offer. If you’re a Taurus, have Taurus placements, or are interested in someone born under the sign of the bull, this article will give you the details on this grounded earth sign.

Taurus is what astrologers refer to as a fixed sign. Fixed signs fall in the middle of a season, and in Taurus’s case, that’s spring. Fixed signs are focused, and as the name implies, they can sometimes be stubborn! Fixed signs are the doers and maintainers of the zodiac wheel: preceding them are the cardinal signs, who initiate things, and following them are the mutable signs, who spread information and tie things up before the next season begins. Fixed signs are in the middle, making it all happen. Taurus also rules the neck, the stabilizer of the head, reflecting the grounding and stabilizing force of fixed signs.

Taurus is ruled by the planet of beauty and pleasure, Venus, which gives it an extra creative flair. In the Tarot, Taurus is associated with The Hierophant card, which can symbolize correct process and spiritual insight. The Hierophant knows the proper order of things and, like Taurus, has its priorities straight. For Taurus, a high priority is finding peace in the present moment: now is all there is!

How to spot a Taurus

There’s a gravity to their presence that’s unmistakable. Taurus has a luxuriousness about them that’s alluring and attractive. Their voice and movements have a honey-like quality: slow and sweet. Their eyes are magnetic, with lush eyelashes and a powerful gaze. They may have accentuated their necks with jewelry or tattoos. If you spot someone who makes drinking coffee look chic or chews bubble gum in a miraculously-not-completely-annoying way, they may be a Taurus.

Taurus falls between fiery Aries and chatty Gemini on the zodiac wheel, making Taurus season a bit of a reprieve—an oasis—between two very active, busy seasons. There’s a serenity about Taurus that is captivating.  If Taurus were a shop, they’d have a sign out front that says, “Closed—Gone Fishing.” 

This isn’t to say they are lazy! When they’re not working, they really know how to relax, but when they focus on getting a job done, they’re total workhorses. While the last earth sign on the zodiac wheel, Capricorn, works hard and plays hard (as the old cliche goes), Taurus produces prolifically and lazes expertly. 

Taurus and style

Taurus’s planetary ruler, Venus, is the planet of beauty. As an earth sign, Taurus is interested in physical manifestations of beauty, like art and fashion. They enjoy accessorizing and all sorts of decorations and have a sense of what looks good and suits them.

Taurus is all about comfort and would cuddle up in cashmere year-round. Taurus is known as a conservative dresser: button-down shirts and simple, comfortable shoes. However, it’s just as common to find a Taurus who is flashier! Long acrylics, animal print pants, and a wild-colored self-knit sweater are as natural on a Taurus as khakis. Being fashionable is not about sacrificing comfort for them. And something flashy could easily feel like their second skin! 

Taurus adores luxury brands, not just because of the high-quality fabrics—Taurus is very tactile—but because they also often enjoy the history behind the brands they love. Taurus loves working with their hands, so they may also make some of their own clothes or at least have fantasized about buying a sewing machine at some point! If they don’t make their own clothes, they are probably on close terms with a local tailor. Taurus probably remembers the first time they wore a dress or a suit perfectly cut for their body. If that’s not something they have experienced yet, it may be a fantastic gift to give them!

Skincare and makeup also play a part in how they express themselves, and aesthetics and how they physically appear in the world matter to them. Even if their taste in clothes is basic, they likely adorn themselves with skincare and perfumes. 

Taurus intellect and communication 

Intuitive Taurus is a compassionate listener and fantastic storyteller. They can be shy at first, but they’re entertaining and engaging once they get going. Taurus keenly understands that being a good listener is part of being a good friend, lover, or family member. They may respect being a good listener because they can also be very sensitive about not being heard. They might not be quick to share their thoughts with people who they are unsure will really listen.

Taurus doesn’t like to overcomplicate things, and they appreciate straightforward communication. They don’t want to play guessing games; however, they can sometimes be hard to read! 

When Taurus is interested in a field of study, they become very absorbed. They love talking about whatever their new topic of interest is. They often have a keen ability to retain and remember information. They can be talented historians, writers, and orators. They rarely miss a date and likely keep a gorgeous calendar.

On a bad day, Taurus can be stubborn and moody. They might give you the silent treatment. But usually, Taurus enjoys hearing the sound of their own voice. At their best, their ideas are profound, beautiful, and not without a good sense of humor. Taurus rules the throat, so if they feel like they have a captive audience, they will repeat stories that no one gets tired of hearing, reminisce on things that everyone has forgotten about, and make up jokes.

Taurus at home

Taurus loves being at home. The bigger their house and yard, the less likely it is they’ll leave. They are the royal highness of their castle. They treat their home like a palace, but it’s not a cold, abandoned castle. They love to keep it warm and lively. They do this by keeping the nest full. They need to ensure that whoever comes to their house is also comfortable and looked after. They would be embarrassed if a guest came over and didn’t get treated like royalty too. 

Whether for a dinner party or an overnight stay, they are excellent, generous hosts, and they like their esteemed guests to have everything they need. When they give you a dish or a gift, use it or eat it in front of them so they can see the joy on your face (and be sure to say “thank you!”). 

When they leave home, they’ll make wherever they are their new home for that hour, or few hours, that they’re there. They’ll arrange comfortable pillows, maybe even put their feet up. There’s a stereotype that Taurus loves to work (they enjoy making money), but trust that their office will be a cozy home away from home. The nightclub is their home, too, and they’ll buddy up with the servers to ensure they have access to whatever they need all night. 

Taurus and their feelings

Get to know a Taurus well, and you’ll see that their chill outward demeanor doesn’t mean they are not passionate. Taurus knows the value of a good cry! Taurus is typically patient and gentle; however, when the bull sees red, they charge. It might take a long time for Taurus to get upset or show their anger, but it can be quite dramatic when they do. It’s not like Taurus to act impulsively; however, they do have a side that can be reckless when contending with difficult feelings like fear or rejection. Regardless of our zodiac sign, we all need community support and inner resources to express difficult emotions. When Taurus has this support, they can be very generous and excellent models of emotional resilience to the people around them. They can balance spontaneity with patience, living authentically and in a balanced way. 

Taurus and their art

Taurus rules the throat, so it’s no surprise that there are some legendary Taurus singers, like Adele, Iggy Pop, James Brown, Barbara Streisand, Cher, and Stevie Wonder. And since Venus, the planet of beauty, rules Taurus, it makes sense that Taurus fashion designers are some of the most iconic too! Like Jean Paul Gaultier, Donatella Versace, Issey Miyake, Halston, and Pierre Balmain.

They have an eye for visual, material harmony, but many modern Taurus artists have a rebellious streak. Their rebelliousness doesn’t come from a lack of skill or knowledge about their craft—a Taurus knows all the rules to break them. This is obvious in the work of Salvador Dali. Or the subject matter itself could be subversive, like Tom of Finland or Joseph Beuys. Happy colors and cartoon illustrations are also present in the works of Lisa Frank and David Choe. 

For Taurus, art is a way of communicating their view of the world. It’s another means of self-expression and making their voice heard—either literally, as singers, or visually and spiritually. They love to experience life’s pleasures, but they also want a deeper understanding of them. 

Taurus and friendship

In a friend, Taurus looks for someone just as generous as they are, if not more! Taurus loves to host and cook for you, but they would be stunned and enamored with someone who could outdo them. Can you go the extra mile? Cook something more extravagant than them? Taurus will have no choice but to respect it and maybe even love it! 

Taurus also wants to connect with someone who can be intellectually stimulating. They want to bond over philosophical discussions and talk about big ideas. They don’t want to make small talk with their friends; they want to know what greater purpose their community serves. If they can’t see themselves rising and going places, literally traveling abroad, with the people surrounding them, chances are they just came to the party for the cheese board. They want to go on trips.

Taurus loves to talk about the future when they hang out with friends. They’ll talk about what the next twenty years will look like, hypothetically, and it can be funny. They want to discuss their dreams and visions, adding more absurd details for comedic effect. If they’re not daydreaming with their friends, they want to joke around, forget about the moment, and just bliss out. Watching movies or getting lost in the music with their people is an excellent way for Taurus to let go of whatever stress they may carry, and it helps them to feel happy about the future.

Taurus having fun

Taurus is a sensual earth sign, so for them, enjoying life means enjoying great music, delicious food, and beautiful places. They have a reputation for being a homebody, married to the couch, but Taurus loves to socialize, so their desire to be around other people typically gets them out of the house.

For Taurus, a fun day is something that has an itinerary. They have activities planned, places to go, and people to see. The reservations are booked, and the train schedule is known in advance. They are ready to go. They also have a backup plan in place in case of delays or rain. Taurus loves to plan, but they’re so good at planning that they also have a backup. When things go according to plan, they feel accomplished. 

A fun night might be less structured. Taurus might be more willing to go where the wind blows and leave the planning up to someone they trust. Before they arrive, they usually know what time they’ll be leaving and what conditions need to be just so in order to stay out. They check the vibe, see if they’ll stick around, and, on a good night, won’t take a cab home early. They also might consider a fun night spent alone, reading, with their favorite recipes. Whatever they decide to do, it all depends on very particular factors that only a Taurus could understand. 

How to attract a Taurus

Play up your mysteriousness: act theatrical and you might remind them of a sibling, or act too aloof and they may regard you as unsexy. Be coy, show you’re intrigued by them, but give them plenty of space. 

A Taurus will be impressed if you know how to dress yourself. There’s something powerful about wearing something that makes a statement and being fearless in your appearance. Remember that Taurus knows that what looks best is also comfortable. To them, the pinnacle of fashion is something that fits you well. Lean into your sense of personal power and control over your appearance.

Taurus is attracted to bravery and loyalty. They want someone who they can depend on. If you’re not scared to issue a rejection or to stand your ground firmly, Taurus will find that so hot. They are very attracted to people who aren’t afraid to talk about things that are taboo or avant-garde. If you can say what you want, especially related to sex, you’ll have their attention. 

Dating a Taurus

The best thing about dating a Taurus is that they love planning. They aren’t afraid to plan things in advance. And they don’t really like to cancel either, not without fair notice. If something requires a little forethought, Taurus is happy to get lost in the romantic gesture.

A perfect date for a Taurus could look like having reservations at a fabulous restaurant or tickets to see your favorite musician. They also are happy to squeeze in a little quality time on a weekday, just for an hour, if you’re busy. Anything is possible with a bit of planning. 

When it comes to commitment, Taurus takes their time before making a decision, but they’re very loyal once they make up their mind. Earth signs, in general, can be slow to make big life changes. If you have a Taurus wrapped around your finger, they’re not going anywhere. They can be hard to get rid of, which is great news for those who are enamored with sweet, loving Taurus! But, if you want to break up with a Taurus, remember that they can be stubborn, so you can’t approach the conversation in a wishy-washy, unsure way. Do not try to get them to break up with you! They’re too fixed for that. Being direct, clear, and kind about your desire to end the relationship is the best way to communicate with them.

Taurus and ghosting 

In most things, sweet, gentle Taurus takes time and consideration… perhaps, except when dumping someone! They’ll do it swiftly, in a no-nonsense way. If they’re over it, they’re over it. And they may not have thought about it all too long, especially if you have been together for a very short time. 

If you’ve had a strong friendship with them throughout the relationship, and if you’ve been together for a while, they may have spent a lot of time deliberating this life change, and you may get a more easygoing version of Taurus when they end things. You can expect something short and straightforward, and they probably won’t be very sweet about it, as they wouldn’t want you to misunderstand them.

All that is to say: They probably won’t ghost you. 

Unless you count dumping you and never speaking to you again as ghosting, which is possible. But any person, regardless of zodiac sign, can ghost someone, especially if they have poor communication skills, are immature, or are afraid of your reaction. Perhaps they disrespect the people they date, or they’ve been made to feel so uncomfortable that ghosting feels like the safest option.

Taurus and their daily routine

Taurus loves their routine! It brings balance to their lives. They have a sense of autonomy about how their day goes, but it’s not without consideration of other people’s needs. Each morning, Taurus checks in on their crush or partner. A good morning text is key. Maybe they’re texting everyone, “gm say it back.” Or perhaps they’re giving everyone in their home a good morning hug. In the afternoon, Taurus makes sure that they don’t eat lunch alone, and if they do, they probably have a phone call planned. They spend their breaks checking in on others and might use other people to gauge when to take a break and when to keep working! 

Depending on how their day went and what they had planned, Taurus might spend their nights catching up on reading or catching up with friends. They’re known to make dates with themselves, too, and can be very loyal to the plans that they’ve made, even if they’re solo trips to go to a movie or museum alone. 

Regarding wellness, chic Taurus wouldn’t admit to doing anything too dorky or modern, although they are masters at moderation. They might take a multivitamin with a craft cocktail. They’d probably feel demoralized and lash out if their doctor put them on a specialized diet that made them sit out extravagant dinners or long brunches. They are aware of current health fads but would likely rather stick to tried and true modes of wellness that have been around for centuries. Taurus’s approach to health is probably the most lindy.

At their day job, Taurus is the one at the water cooler complimenting everyone’s outfits. They’re bringing a dozen donuts to the lunchroom. They’re organizing the surprise birthday parties and starting the group chat for drinks after work. They have to find a way to be cool with their colleagues, or else they probably don’t plan on being at their job for too long. 

Taurus and school

You’ll probably see the most serious side of Taurus when they’re at school. They love learning about history and ancient languages and may be drawn to archeology. Business and finance could also be topics they enjoy. Education and psychology may also attract them. And art, too, is frequently a course of study for Venus-ruled Taurus. 

Taurus can be very academic and feel their most accomplished and respectable when they can share their hard-earned knowledge with the world. When they study, they can dedicate themselves to only studying and nothing else. They might find great pleasure in the solitude and respectability of going to the library and devoting themselves to knowledge. The silence and patience required for reading and writing is something that Taurus finds calming and powerful.

Taurus might be nostalgic for the times before MFAs when artists and artisans worked as understudies for those already working in a field. Even after getting a formal education, Taurus would enjoy learning under someone who has already been around the block. They would rather learn from someone else’s mistakes than make their own. They also aspire to be mentors and experts in their own right, but when they’re first starting, a hands-on, immersive learning environment is their ideal path. 

Taurus and travel

Taurus loves to travel for pleasure, but something that seems to be common among Taurus people is that their work can take them abroad! Perhaps they are touring musicians, or maybe they’re chefs who travel the world learning new techniques. Perhaps they work in finance, and traveling to foreign places is part of their work. 

When Taurus travels for fun, they still have a goal in mind. They will have the trip planned out with landmarks to visit, and reservations to adhere to. It can be hard to get them outside of their comfort zone, but they could be interested in alternative history tours, or less touristy places that have been expertly recommended. Whether they are abroad for business or pleasure, good food is at the top of their priorities list! For them, food alone is a reason to leave the comforts of home. They don’t want to leave a town until they’ve tried the local specialties.

They usually enjoy spending time in cities as much as they enjoy exploring natural wonders. Geological attractions appeal to their earthy nature. They will travel great distances to see the most iconic rock in the world. This earth sign can appreciate a good rock.

They’re usually interested in seeing places with historical importance. They’re happy to hear the history of wherever they’re visiting as told by an expert, or better yet, by someone who lived to tell the tale! Ancient history and archaeological sites could interest them, as long as there’s a comfortable place to sit and take a break. Long tours under a hot sun or blistering cold aren’t for them; however, if they’re mentally prepared for it (and have enough snacks packed), Taurus can very much enjoy a hike, canoe trip, or another excursion that takes them off the beaten path.

Taurus and work

You’ll probably see the most experimental, rebellious side of Taurus in their careers. They love innovation and are usually on the cutting edge of whatever they’re into. In their daily life, Taurus is usually quite warm and friendly, but they can be aloof at work because they are so focused on the task at hand. They may seem intimidating to colleagues or employees, and people can be surprised by how chill and easygoing they are once they get to know them better!

As a boss, Taurus has a democratic approach to authority. They’re unhappy with being perceived as tyrannical and want a positive relationship with everyone, especially their employees! They’re even gentle towards their appliances, treating their toaster like their employee of the month or giving their bicycle a pet name. They are an eccentric boss and are the type of leaders to hire an astrologer as a team-building exercise.

As an employee, Taurus wants to be seen as the most polite, pleasant person in the office. Office politics are a serious concern for them, and they want to be on their best behavior on the job. They take their work outfits seriously. They want to be perceived as stylish and would get a full makeover just for the first day of work.

As a colleague, Taurus wants the job to go smoothly, so they can be very easy to collaborate with. They are good leaders because they are sensitive to their colleagues’ desires. They want work—one of life’s necessities—to be as glam and relaxed as their general life values are. 

Taurus might be drawn to the types of careers where they can tinker with things. They love to refurbish or restore works of human ingenuity. They are happy as sound engineers, mechanical engineers, and designers of all stripes. They can also make great salespeople and counselors, as Taurus is often a people-person. 

Taurus and finances

Taurus famously loves the finer things in life, and being ruled by Venus, the planet of money, Taurus usually finds a way to create an abundant, comfortable life for themselves.

When it comes to saving money, Taurus has ups and downs. They eventually learn that diversifying their income is the best way to feel secure. They also like to have multiple bank accounts, which can be an easy way for them to compartmentalize (and protect their funds from whimsical urges to shop).

Taurus would make an excellent haggler. They know that the price of everything is relative, and they also know how to stand their ground. Take a seasoned Taurus to a flea market, and take notes as they bargain. They know better than to back down. They might enjoy auctions very much.

Taurus and luxury

Taurus’s element, earth, relates to material things. That’s not to say they are materialistic, but physical reality is a priority. Their planetary ruler, Venus, is all about aesthetic values and harmony. Existing in physical harmony, however that may look, is critical for Taurus. Luxury is a loaded word, but while one Taurus might value accumulated wealth, another Taurus may be better equipped to show you a simpler, priceless definition of luxury. Karl Marx was a Taurus, after all.

Taurus and being stubborn

Astrologers frequently regard Taurus as being stubborn. Taurus is a “fixed” zodiac sign, meaning their sign falls in the middle of a season—and in Taurus’s case, that’s spring. Being in the middle of the season lends them the personality of someone who is determined, a great manager, hard-working, grounded, and, perhaps, stubborn! Sometimes, Taurus has to be stubborn because they need to get a job done! Other times, Taurus is stubborn because they sense someone is trying to control them. Don’t discount the other side of Taurus: They also have an aspect of themselves that’s very chill, that will go with the flow because expending the energy to protest isn’t worth it to them. So, you’ll find their stubborn behavior could be directly related to their sense of purpose regarding the topic at hand and not so much about being difficult or contrarian.   

This article was updated for clarity. It was originally published on May 23, 2023.


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