Guiding a Crypto Tribe through the Jungle of Memes




The crypto-verse, a frenzied jungle of digital assets, is an arena of great allure and harsh realities. Its mesmerizing promise of untold riches has led many to venture deep into its midst. Still, its treacherous terrain, fraught with deceptive schemes and manipulation, often leaves the unprepared mired in losses and regret. Amidst this tumultuous landscape emerges a figure of resilience and strategy – Monkey Man, a guide and protector navigating his tribe through this unforgiving wilderness.

Monkey Man’s journey through crypto began with discovering Bitcoin in 2012. After experiencing the market’s dizzying highs and devastating lows, he transitioned to a full-time trader in 2020. His project, Monkeys Token, a project with enormous potential and the brainchild of a notorious contract ruse deployer, was born in treacherous waters. Sensing the monkey-themed token’s unique narrative and viral potential, Monkey Man rallied the community, migrating them towards a secure contract with a small sustainability tax.

Under his stewardship, the Monkeys Token became more than just a digital asset. It cultivated a captivating narrative, “Monkey Business”, transforming it into one of the most powerful stories the meme space has ever seen. Monkey Man expertly leveraged the corruption within crypto, markets and politics alike onto Twitter by incorporating content to educate with comical content. This began based off a list dubbed ‘monkeys,’ curated by Elon Musk, which only bolstered the token’s popularity and intrigue.

This community-driven endeavour is all about timing and anticipation. As soon as market whispers hint at the potential of an Elon Musk tweet, the Monkeys Tribe springs into action, disseminating the information about the corresponding token far and wide. The Tribe recognizes that once Musk starts posting about this list or including monkey-themed account members, nothing but monkey-related content will be tweeted, creating an unprecedented buzz in the meme market.

Maintaining this organically built community’s momentum is no easy task. The tribe patiently awaits the catalyst that will propel them to the next level – a tweet from Musk himself. To keep the Tribe motivated, Monkey Man stays true to his principles, consistently shunning short-term tactics and demonstrating complete transparency.




Through his collaboration with Michael Robison, founder of Spartn and TikTok content creator behind SpiderMonkeyWinston, Monkey Man has broadened the scope of Monkeys Token. A recent acquisition grew their reach by over 11 million followers. The popular TikTok account @mojothemonkey and all associated social media have been transferred to Robison as of the writing of this article. The partnership aims to establish an all-inclusive animal sanctuary and mental health facility in Tennessee, a tangible manifestation of the Monkeys Token vision.

In addition, he has onboarded Tha PieceMakerz, an established production team in the music industry led by SG-1 and Sly ” Pyper” Jordan, to produce a next-level extraordinary sound by using an instrumental kit of monkey sounds. Production has begun as they plan to release singles as soon as July. Tha Piecemakerz songwriting credits include the hit songs “Kush” – Dr Dre, “Beautiful Girls” Sean Kingston, “Fastlane”- Eminem * Royce Da 5 9, “Bounce” Timbaland Feat. Missy Elliot, Dr Dre & Justin Timberlake, “Fire” – 50 cent Feat. Young Buck & Nicole Scherizinger among many others. Also part of our in-house production team is RIAA-certified platinum and Billboard #1 producer “AB”. He has worked with notable acts in the industry, such as NBA Youngboy, Kodak Black, Rich the Kid, Lil Kim, Soulja Boy, Gunna & more. He is helping to build a fresh new soundscape piggybacking on monkey and jungle themes.

But wait, there’s more! A film crew spent 20 hours with Robison at his home in early June to document his standing within the primate ownership and care.

In August, a second crew will begin filming a docuseries highlighting Robison and many others that have impacted animal welfare and people’s. Details have not been revealed just yet. It appears major streaming platforms are involved in these productions.

This unique venture reflects Monkey Man’s dedication to connecting the digital and real worlds, making a tangible impact, and fostering a space where genuine change can occur.

Through his strategic leadership, Monkey Man has transformed the Monkeys Token from a risky venture to a thriving, value-driven community. His resilience, vigilance, and commitment to the community’s safety and long-term growth underscore the tribe’s mission: to navigate the jungle of memes while making a tangible difference in the world. Monkey Man’s story is a testament to digital communities’ promise to create prosperity and fostering real-world change.


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