How Can You Customize Your Used Jam Jars? 


Over time so many jam jars get thrown away, maybe you don’t need them, or they break. But jam jars come in handy when you need to store small items, make personalized things, or even store salads or shakes. Many people even opt for 4 oz jam jars bulk to customize for their needs. But why customize your jam jars? 

Customizing containers that do not harm the environment and yourself is one of the best options for sustainable living. Not only do you limit harmful materials used in containers, but you also improve your health. That is, if the majority of people don’t use harmful materials, there would be fewer toxic chemicals in contact with the environment and your body. Thus reusing these jars promotes good and healthy living. Out of the various options, below is a list of 4 ideas to customize these jars.

5 Ideas To Customize Empty Jam Jars

Various types of jam jars are available in the market according to their size. Customizing these jars is not tricky, yet they are as aesthetic as custom perfume boxes. You would barely need to put in the effort, and that’s all. To get ideas for customizing your jars, below are four simple yet worthwhile ideas to help you with the same. 

  • Dresser Organizer

When getting ready for any occasion, you could be in a hurry or lazy to go out. Both times you do not have the time to organize the items on your dresser purposely. There could be times that you don’t find your accessories as well; to prevent them, you need to organize them. Getting fancy boxes is not always an option; keeping them separate in drawers can take up too much space. 

Your used jam jars are perfect for storing and separating the accessories in less space. Once cleaned thoroughly, you can keep any item, like a clip or jewelry. If you want to be creative, you could paint these jars to differentiate various items. 

  • Snow Globes

Every winter or near Christmas buying snow globes for yourself and your family feels good. But gifting them something unique, not accessible to everyone, makes them feel special. Also, even if you have to make these snow globes for 3-4 people, you could easily collect the jars in a year. All you need to do is clean them, fill them with artificial snow, and have an artificial tree glued to the lid. You could also fill it with water and baby oil to make a water snow globe. 

These could be kept in various places like the surface of your study table, alongside photo frames, inside cars, and more. Just like the car accessories available with the car accessory wholesale suppliers, you can use snow globes as a showpiece in the vehicle. 

  • Sewing Kit  

Sewing can be your hobby or a skill that you learned especially. While sewing might not be common as other hobbies but that only means that sewing kits are hard to find. You could find the typical box kits, but everyone knows they get jumbled and could hurt you. Here you could use your jars to store the threads and glue a cushion or sponge on the lid to hold the needles. If the space inside isn’t enough to keep the threads, you could turn them around the jar and cover it with the thread. 

You could easily customize the jar as your sewing kit in just a step or two. Also, you could label the jar or put stickers or colors on it accordingly to suit your taste. 

  • Cooking

Usually, when cooking, several utensils are lying outside after separate use. While cooking in a jar, you only need to mix and cook the ingredients. You can’t cook everything in a jar, but a few things are possible. You could cook eggs, bread, cakes, hot chocolate, and similar items. Before doing so, you should ensure that the jar is heat resistant. 

Also, you can use these jars for making salads, shakes, ice cream, and other cold desserts, even if your jar is not heat resistant.

  • Growing Small Plants 

You can convert your glass jam jars into a DIY terrarium. After adding a few things like soil and some manure, you can convert the jar’s environment to grow seeds. While not every plant can be grown this way, only small plants are possible for jar terrarium. Also, you shouldn’t put more than one plant in the jar as it’s minimal compared to normal terrariums. 


Making new things out of older ones helps you save both money and the planet. However, you should make sure that the material is sustainable. Jam jars are a very common household item that is either stored in the back, thrown, or put in the recycling bin. Jam jars being sustainable, are one of the most valuable items to customize and create new things out of it. 

Also, if you run out of jam jars, you could always buy them. They last longer and can be used as needed, so they aren’t heavy on the pocket. 

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