Meet Private Bangkok Travel Tour Guide And Enhance Your Experience In Thailand

TakeMeTour offers tours throughout Thailand led by Thai guides so you can see Thailand through the eyes of a local. If you

don’t know where to start, you can visit the Your Thai Guide website for popular tours in Bangkok and other places. They

mainly operate from Bangkok but also offer private tours to other parts of Thailand. Private Bangkok travel tour guide often say that when Nutt from Your Thai Guide Your Thai

Guide contacted us and offered to take us on a private tour of Bangkok, I didn’t hesitate.

Private guides

If you want to dive into Bangkok and experience it like a local, you can hire a private guide, especially if you want to do

something specific. As unique as Bangkok is, the most logical way to experience all of its overwhelming glory is with a local

Thailand guide. Although I am not new to Thailand, this was my first time in Bangkok and there is no better way to experience

a new city than with a local.

When putting together this Bangkok itinerary, a Bangkok local wanted to give you a good balance between visiting the main

sights and getting to know the culture and food that Bangkok has to offer. As a Bangkok resident, I believe that three days

in Bangkok gives you enough time to see and visit many of Bangkok’s main attractions. If you follow this Bangkok itinerary,

your trip to Bangkok will check out all the major attractions.

At the end of this Bangkok travel guide, we give information on an extra day to make a day trip from Bangkok to explore the

floating market. Also, if you keep reading, below are other Thailand travel tips to expand your Bangkok itinerary with tours

and tips. With our backpacker experience and local accommodation in Bangkok, this Bangkok itinerary will help you get the

most out of your 3 days in Bangkok.

Bangkok and it’s glory

With a private guide for Bangkok day tours, you can discover my country at your own pace and focus on experiences that matter

to you. As part of our Instagram tour of Bangkok, you will be picked up directly from your hotel in Bangkok and transferred

directly to your first stop.

We think our Instagram tour of Bangkok is the best Bangkok tour and in this post we will tell you why. The trip was our first

full tour trip and we both think it’s the BEST way to travel. We carefully select our local guides to make sure they give you

the best experience.

They are all locals who love their homeland and are happy to show you around and share their local knowledge with you. The

tour leader will provide information about the places you’ve passed, recommend sights and activities, recommend great local

restaurants, and introduce you to our local friends. My mission was to discover all that is unique about Bangkok, so after

going through the many tours that TakeMeTour has to offer, I booked a tour with a local expert to visit the famous Dannoun

Saduak Houseboat, Maeklong Railway Market, and a visit to an authentic fish Dining in a city restaurant. Local way with local


Tours itself

The tour started in the morning when we picked up my husband and I from our hotel, and although there are several different

floating markets in Bangkok, Nui took us outside the city, where the only floating market is open on weekdays. In the middle

of our floating market tour, we stopped at a gift shop with a coconut farm at the back, where a local expert gave us a brief

Introduction on how to make coconut sugar. Nui was a great driver, her car was comfortable and on the way to the only

floating market on weekdays she entertained us with some facts and history of Bangkok and Thais. Ms. Angie and the driver

picked us up from Laem Chabang and took us west of Bangkok on a river boat that took us to her favourite floating market, Don

Wei Market.

Our first port was in Samui Island, Thailand where Mr. Sonthaya took us on an amazing tour of all the attractions of the

island and took us to a lovely beachfront restaurant to enjoy the view and local food. Bangkok locals also recommend you take

a boat ride to see more of the area. Bangkok is my hometown and if you want to see Bangkok you should come with me. With all

of Bangkok’s temples, markets, street food stalls and malls, you can explore the city on your own and be left with nothing to


Discover the capital

Discover the capital city of Bangkok by visiting the Grand Palace and strolling through the streets of the city. From idyllic

beaches to serene temples, from iconic street eateries to lively flea markets, Thailand has everything you could want. While

many countries have a Chinatown, none compare to Bangkok due to Bangkok’s delicious street food, cultural history and


In our case, we were interested in food, so Nutt from your Thai guide designed an itinerary that included some of Bangkok’s

most popular local markets. Thai food is tasty but spicy and we will try many local dishes on this trip. Thai cuisine is

known all over the world and most of the travellers who come to Thailand opt for educational cooking courses.

In conclusion

What Bangkok locals liked the most about the lessons was that they included a tour of the market so that guests could see the

real ingredients used in the dishes. Thanks to our private guide, we were able to visit some of Saigon’s best local

restaurants, places we would never have found on our own.

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