Mercedes aims to simplify the charging process for its owners with its new Flexible Charging System Pro. Designed to be a “transportable wallbox,” it aims to take care of pretty much everything after the driver plugs it in.

The Flexible Charging System Pro is compatible with most European socket types and can deliver up to 22 kW of charging power, depending on the infrastructure. While it can be wall-mounted in a Mercedes EV owner’s garage, it is also portable and can be stored in the vehicle, allowing for easy use at public charging points across the continent.

Once the user plugs it in, the system autonomously manages the charging process by automatically adjusting to the optimal charging power. Safety features include fault current detection and a temperature sensor to ensure the well-being of the EV (or PHEV) and its owner. Additionally, the Flexible Charging System Pro is both leak-proof and waterproof for added reliability.

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 Mercedes Unveils Ultra-Portable ‘Wallbox’ for Roaming EVs

The cable can be connected to the internet, which allows users to control their charging experience from their smartphone. It all works through the Mercedes-Benz Charger App, with which an owner can define their charge settings in advance for easy day-to-day usage.

Through the app, users can also set their energy targets, the energy costs can be adjusted, and updates can be installed. The app also keeps track of your activity, so that you can track energy usage.

Since you can take the charging cable with you, Mercedes has designed a premium bag to store it in. It keeps all of the components organized and tidy for easier use, and means that your trunk isn’t a mess. The Flexible Charging System Pro weighs about 11 lbs (5 kg), according to the company. The system is available in all EU countries, as well as Switzerland and the UK, where it costs £715.20 (US$903.28 at current exchange rates).