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WEEK OF July 17 – 2 3, 2023

When you’re inspired, Pisces, no one has to twist your fins to get you moving along on the mission! And starting this week, the universe will support your efforts in a big, bold new way. On Monday, July 17, the moon’s North Node leaves Taurus and your expressive third house and zips into Aries and your second house of finances and security. (Yes, the nodes move in the opposite direction of the planets.) Even though the global economy is in flux, things WILL begin to return to normal one day, and if you get nimble and pivot for these changing times, you will find creative ways to raise your bottom line between now and January 11, 2025. True, there may be dues to pay until your ship comes in, but if you can ride these winds of change, you could come out earning—and saving—more than before. No one is calling this a good thing, but there are silver linings, and your resourceful sign is just the type to find a few. Across your chart, the lunar South Node is swinging into Libra and your eighth house of shared resources. Look beyond the “usual suspects” and see who the perfect collaborator for a joint venture might be. Perhaps the answer to your economic puzzle is to find your “missing puzzle piece” and put your resources together. Regardless, over the coming 18 months, you’re poised to raise your financial IQ and increase your equity. Just find the happy medium between playing it safe and taking a gamble.

Love, glamour and celebrity status may find YOU on Monday, when the year’s only new moon in Cancer fires up your fifth house. Under these renewing beams, get back in touch with your flirtiest, most flamboyant self. If there’s heartbreak in your past—and since you’re human (and a Pisces), there probably is—stop ruminating on it and let the fresh-start energy of this moon open a new chapter in your personal book of love. If you’re single and ready to explore romance, get proactive by trying a new dating app or signing up for an activity where you might meet people who share your interests. Attached? This could be one of the most heartfelt days (or nights) of the year for you, and things will continue to unfold over the coming six months ruled by this moon.

Leo season kicks off on Saturday as the Sun joins Mercury and Venus in your salubrious sixth house. Your body is a temple, Pisces, and worship hour is officially in session! Could your systems use a detox? You don’t have to give up froses and pizza forever, but for the next four weeks, eat lower on the food chain with plant-based fare that your body can easily digest. Flood yourself with pure H2O, and while you’re doing so, think about other things you should wash away, like energy vampires and activities that you’re doing out of obligation instead of desire.

Work could also pick up during Leo season. If you’re looking for a new gig, just turn on the charm! With your gift for making strangers fall under your spell, you could walk right into a “random” opportunity simply by being friendly. Already on someone’s payroll…or your own boss? Step up the leadership to a new level, as the regal Leo Sun encourages you to take charge. You don’t have to rule with an iron fist or let your seldom-seen bossy streak overrule your compassionate nature. Playful, creative energy is the way to win followers now. Set aside your agenda and just be your sparkly self. It really IS that easy to get people engaged.

Alas, we must mention a cosmic “hiccup” that also begins on Saturday, July 22: Love planet Venus turns retrograde until September 3, making you more reflective about affairs of the heart. This cosmic event happens every 18 months, but in 2023, Venus will backtrack through Leo and that same wellness-focused sixth house. This six-week cycle encourages you to slow down and take a more measured approach to your feelings. You don’t have to react to every whim and mood; in fact, learning the art of restraint can be a game-changer. Instead of firing off an angry text, turn on that fitness video, do a five-minute meditation, pour yourself a mug of calming herbal tea. If you must unleash, take it up with your journal or save that message to drafts. Once your rational brain has taken hold again (instead of your reptilian one) you’ll be so glad you waited.

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