Staying Present And Keeping Your Mind Fresh: Tips And Techniques

The human body is incredible. Your brain, for example, automatically allows you to do everything that you do. As a result, it’s easy to end up running on autopilot and forgetting to nurture our mental health. We can fail to live in the present moment sometimes. Thinking about your mind is important; being present is essential, but getting motivated can take a lot of work.

Being present and keeping your mind fresh is about stopping and putting focus on the right now! We all have many thoughts, ideas, and everyday stuff going on in our heads, but leave some space to push those aside. You need to tune out the distractions and let your mind think about the current moment.

Why is staying present important? It contributes to your motivation and increases energy levels to reach your ambitions. Focusing on the present and clearing your mind will help you listen better. The small things in life will become more meaningful.

If you’ve been struggling with ways to improve your mental health, following our tips on how to stay present could be a great help.

Playing Strategy Games

Puzzle and strategy games can be fun but also effective for your brain. This is because most of those games require logical reasoning and cognitive skills. A 2015 study from a Chinese and Australian research facility found that these types of games improve players’ logic and the way they think.

Poker, for example, requires critical thinking – it’s not just a game of luck. The game can be used to improve your logical thinking. It isn’t your average card game, as you need to think about yourself and your opponents, study them, and learn to read their reactions to know what move they will make. It’s always a good idea to read some good materials to avoid poker mistakes by learning about them in advance. As poker’s theory evolves, you keep mastering the game. Poker is a great brain exercise; you learn to shut the outside world off and focus on what is in front of you. Many people play for money, but there are many free options that one could try, including with friends, at home.

Chess is another game that is good for stimulating your brain. Playing chess regularly can boost your cognitive abilities and help you to remain alert. Chess has been enjoyed for decades from all around the world. Chess comes under the strategy game category, and for a good reason; look at how it can help your mind:

  • Lower stress levels. It provides your body with a sense of relaxation
  • Increased focus and concentration. You need to concentrate deeply and focus on each move.
  • Better cognitive function. You need to think critically, which helps your cognitive function with other strategic decisions.

Reducing Distractions

Sometimes, distractions can be harmful. If you find something that makes it hard to concentrate and stay present, get rid of it. A good example is if you’re having trouble writing because you are listening to the podcast in the background. The background noise needs to be eliminated here.

If you find it hard to water the garden or read a few pages of a book without picking up the phone, you must put it away somewhere. Reducing distraction is easy and helps you focus more on the present moment.

Mindful Movement

Exercise benefits both the body and the mind. Being present and connected to your body can be achieved by focusing on your breathing when exercising. An excellent way to do this is by exercising mindfully. Other workouts can help, but mindful movements make you focus on what you are doing and regulate your breathing. Pilates, yoga, gijong, and tai chi are mindful movements.

You could also start with walking. Look around at your surroundings. How does your body feel walking on the ground beneath you? What’s the temperature like? Is it windy? What noises can you hear? These are all things you can ask yourself to be present on your walk.

Writing A Journal

Journaling is an excellent way to bring yourself to the present moment. It is a great mental health activity recommended by health professionals. Morning Pages is a great example that Julia Cameron, an American author, came up with. Journaling only takes a few minutes.

Write before bed, when you get up, or on your lunch break. There is no incorrect way to journal. You can vent, write poetry, make a bucket list, or just write about your thoughts. It helps to lessen stress levels when you feel overwhelmed.

Final Thoughts

You miss important things when your mind isn’t present. We hope that the aforementioned tips will be helpful. It may take a little time to notice the benefits, but once you do, you won’t want to turn back. Also, consider the fact that different people may have different hobbies, that help them to stay calm and present. So, whether from this list or not, make sure to find a hobby for you and keep your mind busy with positive thoughts.



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